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Massage is highly indicated during all stages of pregnancy and parenthood for mothers (and fathers) combining perfectly with aromatherapy, as appropriate.

As well as supporting the numerous physical and emotional changes occurring throughout this time, treatments may help to alleviate existing conditions and pregnancy-related symptoms such as

  • Backache
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Digestive problems
  • Nausea
  • Oedema
  • Sciatica
  • Sleep problems
  • Anxiety

Pregnancy massage is carried out with the mother lying on her side supported with pillows, mothers usually finding this positioning extremely comfortable and relieving in itself.

While regular massage throughout pregnancy is the ideal, even one or two massages may be very beneficial for symptomatic relief and relaxation - anything is better than nothing and its never too late to have a massage.

The best massage ever!

A massage as soon as possible after giving birth is unfailingly described by new mothers as the best massage ever - even the second time around. Definitely something to look forward to! 

Oils, creams, gels etc can be individually formulated for specific conditions and requirements such as 'Beautiful Bump' anti-stretch mark oil which is always a great favourite.

Lynne has been working with pregnant mothers since 1998 and brings a wealth of experience to her work. She has written several articles for NCT magazines some of which may be found on the resources page.  


Massage gift vouchers are available.   


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Massage in Labour one-to-ones for birth partners

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Aromatherapy and Pregnancy

The use of essential oils during pregnancy, and while breast feeding, has been carefully and thoroughly researched.

Essential oils, suitably chosen, blended and diluted can be of great help at different stages of pregnancy and post partum although they are usually avoided in the first three months of pregnancy simply for mothers’ peace of mind.

 Treatments are offered with or without essential oils. Where oils are used, mainly organic or wild crafted oils of the highest standards are used.



Massage in labour one-to-ones for birth partners

Individual sessions are available to teach birth partners some basic massage techniques suitable for helping the mother during labour. During the session simple techniques are first demonstrated on the mother, then practised by the birth partner until they are confident with the work, all of which is designed to be carried out at home, or in the place of birth, without the need of a massage table.

Key essential oils are also discussed to support different stages and situations which may arise during this time.

A 'labour' blend of appropriate essential oils diluted in a base oil, suitable for massaging the labouring mother, is available on request



Clients' experience of pregnancy massage

'I met Lynne while pregnant with my second child when I was given a massage as a birthday present. After one session I knew that I needed to regularly meet with Lynne. I was able to avoid all of the mobility and back problems I suffered with my first child which I believe was due to my fortnightly massages, which became weekly in the last month. I have continued to see Lynne every two weeks and feel this regular treatment has a real impact on my well being.'

Mrs S Anderson, client since 2009