'Top of the Pox' is a children's remedy with many years' proven track record for alleviating the symptoms of chicken pox. 


How does it work?  

The essential oils used in the remedy have been carefully researched, the aims of the treatment being fivefold:  

  • reduce irritation/inflammation
  • cool the skin
  • dry the lesions
  • calm the child
  • support the immune system and improve health status 

The oils are presented in a dispersing base for use in the bath. Using a dispersant eliminates the risk of oil droplets floating on the surface of the bath water which might potentially cause irritation or contact dermatitis, especially as children are frequently under five years old when they acquire chicken pox. 


Why the bath?

In the bath the emulsified essential oils will easily come into contact with all the body's nooks, crannies and folds which, when affected by chicken pox can be very uncomfortable. For children in nappies the lower abdomen is an area which can be particularly problematic if lesions are present. Bath water can also be used to rinse the head without the child becoming aware that he is being 'treated'. Additionally, bathing is a recommended allopathic treatment for relief of symptoms. 


Just for children?

'Top of the Pox' is also highly effective for adults who can be particularly badly affected if they contract this unpleasant illness.  


Find out more:

 Aromatherapy and chicken pox.pdf 

The u : : : uupdated article about chicken pox and this aromatic remedy, originally published in the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy (2005) vol 4


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What do people say about 'Top of the Pox'?

"After using Top of the Pox on my own children and seeing not only the relief it provided, but how the whole chickenpox cycle was significantly speeded up and how quickly we got to the healing phase, I’ve recommended it to many friends. They’ve all been really pleased with the results, with many commenting on the resulting lack of scarring on their children. I’ve heard it referred to as 'that magic potion' on more than one occasion!"                                                                  

 L V ,client since 2004