Qualified as a clinical aromatherapist and massage therapist in 1996 followed with pregnancy massage two years later, Lynne has built a successful private practice in South West London offering aromatherapy massage, pregnancy massage, Pulsing and Reiki.

She uses her knowledge of the clinical application of essential oils to create preparations for clients to help with common ailments. The most widely requested of these is 'Top of the Pox', a children's remedy with many years proven track record for alleviating the symptoms of chicken pox.

Lynne also offers one-to-one sessions on massage in labour to birth partners.


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What is aromatherapy?

How can massage help?

Is massage suitable in pregnancy?

What is Pulsing?

What is Reiki?

What do clients say?


Lynne continually updates and extends her knowledge and skills with postgraduate courses

both in bodywork and clinical aromatherapy 


What people say.....


'Lynne makes you feel completely at ease and takes a genuine interest in the family as a whole. She is an absolute breath of fresh air - incredibly kind, nurturing and positive. She gives lovely, cherishing massages. I can't speak highly enough of her as a person and as a giver of good health.'     

     C Ives, client since 2005 


“I first saw Lynne when I was almost seven months pregnant with my daughter. She is now seven and a half years old, but the benefits of regular aromatherapy massage have continued and I wouldn’t be without it! It helps maintain my general well being, as well as easing muscular pain and tension, and somehow Lynne knows exactly where focus is needed time and time again without me even having to mention it!”     

   L Vitalis, client since 2004


'At the time I was in a stressful job in the City and having regular massage treatments from Lynne helped enormously. 

At the beginning of the each session she would spend time determining which oils would be the most appropriate and then concentrate on areas of tension during the treament. It was such a personalised service.  I slept better, my immune system improved as my susceptibility to minor ailments decreased and I was more relaxed, balanced and uplifted.  

My only regret is that I moved out of London and am no longer able to benefit from such a professional and intuitive therapist.

I cannot recommend her more highly.' 

  Michele, Gloucestershire 

I can only say, Lynne's aromatherapy is the best..... she has an encyclopaedic knowledge too. She is probably one of South West London's best kept secrets.  
Sally, client since 2001 


Lynne has been providing massage to myself and my husband and treating our family with aromatherapy remedies for over ten years. She is extremely knowledgable and careful about which oils to use for what ailments and in particular what is suitable for children. Her remedies have helped us treat a wide variety of ailments including chest infections, chicken pox, veruccas, scarring and stretch marks, sleep problems, bruising, and molluscum. We use them in conjunction with conventional medicines to aid and speed recovery as well as times when our GP has not been able to offer us any treatment, notably my young daughter's molluscum and chicken pox. My children have used the remedies since they were very young and often ask for one of Lynne's 'special oils' when ill. The "top of the pox" remedy meant that they had no unpleasant itching when suffering from chicken pox and hence have no scarring. 
Lynne is extremely professional and takes a genuine interest in her clients overall health and well being, tailoring all her treatments to suit the individual. I have no hesitation in recommending Lynne and her massage and aromatherapy remedies to anyone, they play a vital part of keeping our family happy and healthy.
Caroline, client since 2000

Lynne has worked with me for over 10 years and I have always found her an absolute pleasure to deal with.

She is highly knowledgeable and always flexible to your needs and requirements.

I work in a highly stressful job and consequently always look forward to regular appointments with Lynne which I find totally relaxing and refreshing.

Neil Jones, client  since 2001 


I have booked a massage with Lynne for almost three years and I have experienced nothing but the best. She is extremely professional, prompt and always willing to go the extra mile.  I suffer from scoliosis and with regular massage appointments she has managed to work wonders on my back.  Her years of expertise, intuition and knowledge of oils are truly amazing, as she always has a remedy to suit your needs.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone, child, pregnant mother right through to professional athlete.

Linda, client since Nov 2008lient  clfrom


I met Lynne while pregnant with my second child when I was given a massage as a birthday present.  After one session I knew that I needed to regularly meet with Lynne.  I was able to avoid all of the mobility and back problems I suffered with my first child which I believe was due to my fortnightly massages, which became weekly in the last month of pregnancy.  I have continued to see Lynne every two weeks since and feel this regular treatment has a real impact on my well being.  Following massage I feel like I am ‘reset’ and ready to face the stresses of balancing career with two young children. Thanks Lynne!

 Mrs S Anderson, client since 2009 


“I first received a massage from Lynne after suffering with a bad back and having tried every other form of treatment I could think of. I was so surprised when, with a few gentle touches and small movements, my spine immediately improved and very soon the problem was solved!

Lynne became a regular fixture in our lives and helped our family cope with the side effects of the long hours spent at our desks. Lynne’s treatments are effective because they are tailored on each occasion to deal with the exact problems, knots and niggles that she detects in your body, using what she feels alongside her vast knowledge and experience to actively solve problems and offer a truly relaxing, effective and very enjoyable treatment.

Lynne’s kind and caring nature meant that she became not just a therapist but also a friend. We cant recommend her enough!” 

D & D Guinness, clients from 2006- 2009 before moving from London